Faculty & Staff

TDI's faculty includes physicians, epidemiologists, psychologists, sociologists, economists, medical geographers, statisticians, and other specialists. They are researchers, educators, mentors, and practicing health professionals. Their primary concerns are studying and improving health care and health care delivery, and training the next generation of leaders in those fields.  Use the course catalog to identify the faculty who teach individual courses and look them up in the faculty directory

We also have a staff dedicated to enhancing the student experience.

Role Click for contact information
Director of Student Learning Karen Ashley, Ed.D
Recruitment & Admissions Marc Aquila, MBA
Academic Programs Registrar Liz Koelsch
Curriculum Specialist Peter Thurber, MPH, M.Ed
Career & Professional Development Barbara A. Koll, MS
Alumni Engagement Courtney Theroux, MS
Education Programs Assistant Michelle Ficke
Education Programs Coordinator Heather B. Marcos, BA
Curriculum and Teaching Assistants

Katie Silvius, MPH
Andrea Grzybowski
Alissa Trepman


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