PhD Application Process

Deadlines and Decision

Applications must be complete on the following date to be considered.

PhD Round 1/15/17 3/15/17


* The decision status of an application will be updated in the online application.  For accepted applicants, an official letter will follow by post.

Orientation is in late July and classes begin in early August each year. See our academic calendar.

How Applications are Evaluated

Each applicant to the PhD program will be evaluated holistically.


For PhD applicants, a prior Master’s degree is generally required.

How to Apply

All PhD applications must be submitted online through Dartmouth's graduate application system, called ApplyYourself.

Completing the Application
A complete application file consists of

• personal statement (the heart of the application)
• application form
• writing sample
• letters of recommendation
• resume
• unofficial transcripts for the applicaiton and official transcripts once admitted
• standardized test scores (GRE is required) and
• application fee.

Admissions inspects each application and changes its status to "complete" in Apply Yourself.  Applicants may check ApplyYourself to verify that their complete application has been received.


Personal Statement - the heart of the application
Please include statement (less than 500 words) that explains the significant personal, professional, or social experiences that have contributed to your decision to study at The Dartmouth Institute. Please also address how the PhD degree will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. This personal statement provides you with an opportunity to help the admissions committee gain greater insight about you as a potential member of the TDI community. Please be clear, succinct, forthright, and thoughtful in your response. Submit through ApplyYourself.


Application Form
Basic information is provided in an online form on the Apply Yourself website.


Writing Sample
In addition to the materials listed above, PhD applicants are required to submit a writing sample (a sample of scientific writing – either an individual paper written for a course or a published paper where you are first author). Submit to


Letters of Recommendation (three)
Recommendation requests should be given to three people who are able to provide a thoughtful, thorough and honest assessment of an applicant's academic abilities and the ability to succeed in the graduate programs at The Dartmouth Institute.  Please contact your evaluators well in advance to give them sufficient time to write and return their evaluations by the deadline. Recommendation letters submitted through the ApplyYourself website reach us more quickly than paper letters, so we strongly encourage you to ask your recommenders to submit their letters online. If this is not possible, please have letters sent to:

The Dartmouth Institute
Attn: Liz Koelsch, Registrar
74 College Street
Vail Bldg., Room 715
Hanover, NH 03755


CV or Resume
A current curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is required. Submit through ApplyYourself.


For PhD applicants, a prior Master’s degree is generally required.  All applicants must submit scanned unofficial transcripts for all programs, both undergraduate and graduate, for which you were awarded a degree. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program, you are required to submit a current unofficial transcript of courses completed and work in progress. Photocopies and student copies will not be accepted.  Once you have been admitted you are required to send official transcripts. Institutions must submit official transcripts to:

The Dartmouth Institute
Attn: Liz Koelsch, Registrar
74 College Street
Vail Bldg., Room 715
Hanover, NH 03755


Standardized Test Scores (GRE, and TOEFL or IELTS)
Applicants may submit self-reported scores through the online application, but your application is not complete until we receive the official GRE score report. Results must not be more than five years old.  The GRE is required for all PhD applicants, regardless of any prior advanced or professional degree.

GRE Please use the following codes to send your GRE scores to The Dartmouth Institute: the school code for Dartmouth is 3351.

All nonnative English speakers must submit either the TOEFL or IELTS to demonstrate proficiency in English. This requirement is waived for applicants who received a degree from an institution outside the U.S. where instruction is in English. Results must not be more than two years old.

TOEFL and IELTS: Please send your scores to Dartmouth College.


Application Fee
There is a $75 application fee, which can be paid by credit card when you submit your application in ApplyYourself or by check made payable to The Trustees of Dartmouth College (please send checks to the address listed under "Official Transcripts"). The application fee is non-refundable and is not credited toward any charges when an accepted applicant registers as a student.

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