Tuition & Fees

Tuition, fees, and estimated costs for graduate degree programs at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice


Academic Year 2017-2018

Full-time Residential Programs 

  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • Master of Science (MS) in Healthcare Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The full-time tuition for the above MPH, MS, and PhD Programs at TDI is $68,624 per year.

If students are full-time for four consecutive terms (e.g. an MPH or MS student starting in August and graduating in June), they pay tuition in four equal installments of $17,156, regardless of the credit load. Full tuition is due on the billing date prior to the beginning of each term in which the student is enrolled, including—if applicable—the term in which the student is off-campus, conducting research, or performing an internship.

Blended online/residential MPH Program

The tuition for the blended online/residential MPH Program is half of the full-time residential tuition. The half rate is paid each year of the two-year program. For Academic Year 17-18, the tuition is $34,312. For Academic Year 18-19, the tuition will be half the full-time rate for AY 18-19, once it is set by the College in Spring 2018. This does not include fees for room and board during on-campus sessions.  

Part-time tuition

  • Residential Master of Public Health
  • Residential Master of Science in Healthcare Research

Part-time tuition is charged on a per-credit basis:

1-6 credits per term = $7,156
7-11 credits per term = $12,156
12+ credits per term = $17,156


Tuition Policy: Refunds

A tuition refund for MPH or MS students who withdraw voluntarily or are dismissed during any term is as follows:

  • • Before classes begin – 100% of tuition refunded.
  • • During first week of term – 90% of tuition refunded.
  • • During second and third weeks of term – 75% of tuition refunded.
  • • During fourth week of term – 50% of tuition is refunded.
  • • During fifth week of term – 25% of tuition is refunded.
  • • Thereafter, NO tuition will be refunded.


Tuition Policy: Above 56-Credits

After meeting the minimum 56-credit requirement and minimum total tuition payment for graduation, current MPH and MS students and alumni may enroll in additional TDI courses (based on space availability and instructor approval) with their tuition under scholarship, with the exception of those in special programs (i.e., the post-doctoral program). There is no limit on the number of courses that may be taken beyond the 56 credits required for the degree. Tuition will be charged and then remitted for any additional courses beyond the first 56 credits.  All MPH and MS students must enroll in, pass, and pay for the required 56 credits before tuition for additional credits is provided as a scholarship. Students dropping an additional course/credit beyond the 56 credits after the standard two-week time frame will be charged a $50 processing fee. Students registering for additional course/credit beyond the 56 credits are charged for material fees associated with the course, and they are required to purchase course textbooks and/or software.


Document Fee

A one-time document fee is charged to each matriculating student’s account to cover an unlimited number of transcript requests over the student’s lifetime. The fee is $100 for MPH students and $50 for MS and PhD students.  Fees are set each year by Geisel for MPH students and the Office of Graduate Studies for MS and PhD students.


Student Activity Fee

All students, regardless of type of enrollment (matriculating or non-matriculating student; full-time vs. part-time) or degree candidacy are charged $75 for the academic year which includes participation in activities at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Geisel School of Medicine, and TDI.


Health Services Access Fee

The College charges all enrolled students a health access fee of $88 per term. (Health Service programs are primarily funded through tuition.) All Dartmouth students who are active, in good-standing, and making satisfactory progress toward a Dartmouth degree are eligible for the Health Service program. Eligibility ceases when enrollment at Dartmouth College is terminated by withdrawal, separation or graduation.

Students enrolled in only one course in a term are exempt from the fee for that specific term. Eligible leave-term students may purchase the Health Service program for the terms that they are on leave for a fee of $200 per term. For more information, please go to:

The Health Services staff is committed to providing high quality care and services for all Dartmouth students. Additionally, the Health Service staff develops and offers health education information and resources to assist students in making lower-risk choices and promoting healthy lifestyles during college and in the years beyond. Dick's House is home to the Dartmouth College Health Service. The Health Service supports the well-being of Dartmouth students and staff through an extensive program of services and education. Good health is an essential part of a successful educational experience.


Health Insurance Premium

In addition to the Health Services Access fee, all Dartmouth College students are required to have health insurance that meets specific standards of coverage.

Health Insurance Coverage through Dartmouth
Unless you file a waiver (below), you will be automatically enrolled in the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan and the premium will be billed to your student account.  No further action is required. The student coverage premium for 2017-2018 is $3,191. 

Other Comparable Health Insurance Coverage
If you prefer other health insurance coverage, you MUST complete the on-line insurance waiver to avoid being automatically enrolled in the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan and charged the insurance premium.  Instructions and completion form for the waiver are found at:

Course Material Fees

The course material fee for each course, regardless of number of credits per course, is $50 and will be charged to the student’s account.  The course material fees cover the copyright, printing, and copying costs of materials prepared for each course. Students are automatically charged material fees for the courses in which they enroll.


Information on Student Accounts and Student Financial Services and Billing

For more information about Student Financial Services and student accounts, please go to

For billing cycle information, please go to

Note: Students with outstanding balances on their student accounts will not be allowed to participate in Commencement and will not receive their diploma until the balance is paid in full.


Estimated Costs

Textbooks and Applicable Software (approximate costs)

Residential MPH & MS programs:

Students are expected to purchase all required course textbooks, course materials, and software.

Average textbook costs for full-time academic year: $1,500 estimated
STATA/IC 13 software for (for ECS 140A, 140B):  $189
EndNote (For ECS 100, 102) – purchased through Dartmouth’s Computing Store: $98
TreeAge software (for ECS 119/121): $62.50 (an elective course)

Online MPH program:

The annual estimated costs for books, software, and supplies is $900. This includes STATA/IC 14 software and EndNote.

Housing Estimates

For students in the 2-year online MPH, which includes three week-long residential visits per year:

  • A residential charge of $3,090 per year will cover accommodations and most food during the on-campus sessions
  • For travel and additional meals during the on-campus sessions, it may be helpful to estimate $800

For residential MPH and MS students:

  • Rooms in private homes: $600 - $800 per month
  • Apartments (furnished, 2 BR): $850 - $1,100 per month
  • Houses (unfurnished): $700 - $1,500 per month
  • Sachem Village Graduate Student Housing: $895 - $1,875 per month
  • North Park Graduate Student Housing: $879 - $1,085 per month
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