Alumni Profiles

Our alumni are doing important work in achieving healthy communities, improving healthcare systems, and helping to create healthier populations around the world. These profiles highlight the great work our alumni are doing:


Kofi A. Cash, MS ’01
"The skills I learned at The Dartmouth Institute to question the status quo and utilize critical thinking skills to formulate conclusions about our health care system are skills that have helped me become an effective senior leader."


Anne C. Jones, DO, MPH ’13
"One of the most profound lessons I learned at The Dartmouth Institute is that healthcare will always be changing because individuals and communities change. Learning how to embrace this force and adapt our systems accordingly is essential. This lesson is ever-present in my work and life."


Devyn Young, MSN, MPH ’11, PNP-BC
"I am a better pediatric provider, because of the understanding and deep appreciation for social determinants of health that I learned in my time at The Dartmouth Institute."


Anubhav Kaul, MPH '13
"The Dartmouth Institute helped me become a stronger proponent for a better healthcare system, which in turn fuels my participation in advocacy groups like the Lown Institute."


Ben Albright, MS '15
"My aspiration is to be an academic physician who practices and does clinical and health services research. I want to do more with understanding practice patterns, physician behavior, health systems operations, health care quality/cost, the patient experience, and, hopefully, inform improvement of care in these areas."


Sappho Gilbert, MPH '14
"It is hard for me to believe that this journey from The Dartmouth Institute – to the Arctic, now toward the Antarctic – would have been possible without The Institute and Dartmouth College. To the Dickey Center, the Institute of Arctic Studies, and my cherished mentors at The Dartmouth Institute, and many, many others – thank you for your incredible support, time and generosity. To my fellow alumni – keep changing the world and never forget our shared public health roots."


Daisy Goodman, CNM, DNP, MPH '14
"I use the training in outcomes measurement and quality improvement I received at TDI every day in my work.  However, the most important lesson I learned at TDI is that interprofessional collaboration is essential to deliver high quality care, and that the best outcomes are achieved when we partner with our patients to both design and implement their care."


William “Brad” Schenkel, MS’01
"It was my double major in economic evaluation and health policy that truly launched me into my career. Nearly 14 years later, I remain a health economist at J&J. I’m extremely satisfied in my role, and I know that I really owe my career to the Dartmouth CECS program."


David Royal MPH'10
“It’s not an understatement to say that I draw upon everything learned while at TDI. You have to remember that Afghanistan’s health-care system is in its infancy. They had to start not that long ago from the ground floor. Everything I learned at TDI is applicable here. I use all of that experience every single day.”


Donald Likosky, MS’99, PhD’02
"The lessons learned from TDI are applicable, relevant and necessary for the redesign of our healthcare system.  I am deeply indebted to the faculty and staff at TDI."


Dawn Carey, MPH'14
“Every class I took was filled with doctors, med students, hospital administrators, and – the best ingredient of all – recent undergrads, filled with energy to make a difference."


James J. DiResta, DPM, MPH TDI’04
"My education at TDI was truly a life-changing experience for me."


Mark Nunlist, MD, TDI'10
“TDI set me up to understand how to look at things differently."



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