Devyn Young, MSN, MPH ’11, PNP-BC

Devyn Young shares how her Dartmouth Institute education today makes her a better nurse practitioner.

How did you come to choose The Dartmouth Institute?

I had an interest in learning more about reimbursement structures in health care, so that I could someday affect positive change with regard to the way that health care is funded in the United States.

Can you share a specific story such as a favorite memory from class, or with classmates or faculty, where you felt like the decision to come here was the right one?

The best part of my experience were the lasting relationships with mentors and peers that I formed during my time as a student. One year after graduating from the program, I had the opportunity to present my MPH thesis work with my internship advisor at an international conference for patient and family-centered care in Washington, DC. During my nurse practitioner education, I also returned to do clinical rotations at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center with a peer of mine from the MPH program. While the program may only be one year in length, the relationships that you form during your time as a student extend far beyond.

How does the need to improve health and health care influence your work in your current role/career?

I currently practice as a pediatric nurse practitioner at a rural, underserved clinic on the Mexican-American border in southern Arizona. The majority of my families are uninsured or underinsured. Every day, I make decisions about treatment, referral and prescription options that take into account the limited accessibility and resources of my families. In order to provide the best preventative pediatric care to my patient population, I have to be creative about how I manage their care. My work in this role is informing my long-term health policy goals to affect positive change, especially so that all children have access to high quality, affordable health care.

Can you tell us about any examples where you were able to apply what you learned from The Dartmouth Institute to your career?

I constantly view my clinical practice through the public health lens that I developed as a student. For example, social determinants of health are at the forefront of my clinical decision-making every day. In addition to financial resources, I also have to consider the cultural and language barriers of my Mexican-American families when I make decisions regarding their children’s health. I am a better pediatric provider, because of the understanding and deep appreciation for social determinants of health that I learned in my time at The Dartmouth Institute.

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