Career & Professional Development for Alumni

Our alumni use our Career and Professional Development services at all stages of career progression.

Preparing for the Performance Review and Promotion: Capture achievements, demonstrate results, plan new goals

Building a Professional Network: Exchanging value, sharing progress, keeping in touch

Career Transitions: Exploration, planning, learning and job search strategy

Building Job Search Tools and Mastering Techniques: Communication tools, resume or CV, interview preparation, follow up communication

Evaluating and Negotiating an Offer: Criteria, weighted desires, timeframe, BATNA

Additional Schooling: Application and interviewing for either medical school or further graduate education


In addition to providing professional support, we support your company by promoting job openings, engaging you with students through career information panels or as a guest speaker, and inviting you to mentor young professionals entering their careers.

A special LinkedIn Group – The Dartmouth Institute Alumni Connection – is available to all alumni, faculty and staff of TDI, to support networking, professional discussion, job opportunities, and simply staying in touch with classmates and friends. Joining is easy – Search ‘Groups’ for ‘The Dartmouth Institute Alumni Connection’. You will find a button that says ‘Join’. Simply click that button, and your request will be approved.

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