Faculty – Online MPH Program

Some of The Dartmouth Institute’s most renowned researchers and faculty members will teach in the first semester of the online MPH degree program which begins August 2016:

Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH
Director of The Dartmouth Institute

Elliott Fisher is a general internist whose research focuses on exploring both the causes and the implications for health and health policy of regional variations in Medicare spending and practice. He was one of the originators of the concept of “accountable care organizations” (ACOs) and worked with colleagues to carry out the research that led to their inclusion in the Affordable Care Act.
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Paul Batalden, MD
Paul Batalden is widely known as an advocate for continuously improving systems of care in order to provide patients and families with better reliability, safety and overall quality of care. He served as founding chair of the the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and today serves as a senior fellow. He also helped develop the General Competencies of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the SQUIRE publication guidelines for the improvement of healthcare.
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Nan Cochran, MD
Nan Cochran focuses on faculty development and consulting in the areas of team building, negotiation and conflict management, motivational interviewing and shared decision making.
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Paul Gardent, MBA
Paul Gardent's areas of expertise include health care leadership and administration, health care quality and performance improvement, health strategy, finance and public policy, public health.
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Tim Lahey, MD
Tim Lahey is an HIV and infectious diseases physician with extensive work in clinical ethics and medical education leadership. His scholarly work has focused on translational immunology of HIV and TB vaccines as well as global health ethics.
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Robin Larson, MD, MPH
Robin Larson's research interests include exploring health messages such as advertising by academic medical centers and celebrity endorsements of cancer screening, as well as pursuing answers to questions she encounters in her clinical work.
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Carolyn Murray, MD, MPH
Carolyn Murray is director of the community outreach and translation core for the Dartmouth Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center. She is also a clinician in occupational and environmental medicine.
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Bill Nelson, PhD
Bill Nelson is the principal investigator of several research studies fostering an evidence-based approach to ethics and the linkage between ethics and quality care. He also co-edited Managing Ethically: An Executive’s Guide and is a regular contributor to Healthcare Executive.
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Jon Skinner, PhD
Jon Skinner's research interests include the economics of government transfer programs, technology growth and disparities in health care, and savings behavior of aging baby boomers. His expert opinion on the economics of health care is often cited in The New York Times, The Washington Post and other media outlets.
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Craig Westling, DrPH, MPH, MS
Craig Westling is the Executive Director of Education at The Dartmouth Institute. With over 25 years of health care and corporate operations experience, his research examines the ethical conflicts and resulting moral distress created by changing reimbursement and clinical care models.
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