The MHCDS program, a hybrid of online and residential courses, is a joint effort by the Tuck School of Business and The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

The combination of The Dartmouth Institute's advanced research expertise in health care outcomes with the Tuck School's proven success in teaching leadership and teamwork, finance, and operations creates an educational opportunity unmatched by other programs.

At the heart of the program is a commitment to the value-based improvement of health care delivery—achieving better outcomes for the same or lower costs—that is scientifically, ethically, and managerially sound.

The 18-month program is designed for high-potential change agents: clinicians, administrators, and professionals in health care and related industries. The program will be delivered through a hybrid residential/distance learning pedagogy—brief residential sessions plus a sequence of online courses—that meets Dartmouth's high educational standards.

In addition to knowledge and skills, participants will gain tangible results through personal leadership development and action-learning projects. They will also continue to benefit throughout their careers from an active and committed alumni network.

Organizations supporting the program will advance their mission of value-based improvement as they invest in leadership resources and build their capacity for continual change.

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