Core Competencies

TDI graduates will have the knowledge, skills and commitment to measurably improve health care and population health.

Foundational Knowledge

Understand the contributors to health and disease; the relationships between health, health care and public policy; the organization, dynamics, delivery, impact and financing of health care; and decision making and variation in health care. Understand and apply statistics, research methods, quality improvement approaches and measurement of individual, community and population health.

Critical Appraisal

Critically evaluate health and health care information from diverse sources with a healthy skepticism by questioning assumptions and considering alternative explanations and conclusions.

Solving Problems & Implementing Change

Apply diverse problem-solving skills, including the ability to define a question, access appropriate data, apply analytic tools, and combine creativity and systems thinking to generate informed assessments and feasible recommendations.  Effectively engage stakeholders, manage change, monitor processes, and evaluate outcomes to improve health.


Communicate professionally, effectively and persuasively in written, spoken and visual formats.  Exercise the skill of listening.  Seek, accept and provide constructive feedback.

Professionalism & Leadership

Convey respect and support for others. Contribute individually, collaborate effectively, and promote a productive work environment. Incorporate ethics in decision making, management and behavior.  Lead improvement by organizing teams and motivating others with an inspiring, realistic vision.



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