MPH Internships

MPH students are required to complete a 120 hour internship in the field. Recent placements have included local, state, national, and a few international agencies and organizations. Students may choose from an extensive list of available projects proposed by a variety of agencies in the New England region. Students may also choose to develop their own projects based on their specific interests, skills, and career aspirations. In many cases, students are offered full-time employment based on their internship work.

Internship organizations and areas of focus

Gifford Medical Center: Emergency Preparedness

HHMI: Health Education

New England Center for Emergency Preparedness: Emergency Preparedness

North County Health Consortium: Community Health Workers

Northeastern VT Regional Hospital: Rural Health, Evaluation/Needs Assessment

Good Neighbor Health Clinic: Low SES, Underserved, Community Health, Program Development/Implementation, Health Care Consulting

TDC Haiti: Community Health Workers, International

Farm to school program: Nutrition

VT Dept Health Refugee Program: Minorities, Underserved, Program Development/Implementation

TDC Haiti: Community Health Workers, International

TDC Honduras: International, Program Development/Implementation

Dartmouth College Dining Services: Nutrition

NH WIC Survey: Nutrition, Needs Assessment/Evaluation

Concord Hospital, Hillsboro-Deering Family Health: Medicare, Health Reform, Quality Improvement

White River Family Practice, Patient Reported Data: Quality Improvement

Lewin Group: Public Policy, Consulting

Rwanda: International, Research, Nutrition

HHMI - Health Education: Health Education

Brookings-Dartmouth ACO Learning Network: ACOs, CON, Health Reform, Quality Improvement

Vermont Health Care Reform: ACOs, Health Reform, Public Policy

Center for Population Health: Quality Improvement

TDC Honduras: International, Program Development/Implementation

Dartmouth Student Health Promotion and Wellness: Community Health, Policy, Program Development/Implementation, Needs Assessment

VA San Diego Healthcare System: Quality Improvement

Center for Shared Decision Making: Evaluation/Needs Assessment

Center on Media and Child Health, Children's Hospital, Boston: Evaluation/Needs Assessment

Centers for Health and Aging: Decision-making, Research, Elderly, Quality Improvement

Infectious Disease and International Health -GHESKIO, Haiti: International, Research, Program Development/Implementation, Infectious Diseases

Indian Health Service: Research, Needs Assessment/Evaluation, Policy

C Everett Koop Institute: Community Health, Alcohol, Program Development/Implementation

Center for Shared Decision Making: Evaluation/Needs Assessment

Bread for the City Medical Clinic, DC:  Evaluation

The Lown Institute, MA:  Policy Work

The Robert Graham Center, DC: Policy Work

Director of Patient Care Services Springfield Medical Care System:  Quality Improvement

Winsor Connection Resource Center, VT:  Needs Assessment

Alice Peck Day: Quality Improvement

Management Science for Health, VA:  Needs Assessment and Evaluation

Management Science for Health, MA:  Program Development and Evaluation

San Francisco General Hospital, CA:  Curriculum Development

CDC Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, GA: Cost Analysis

VT State Attorney General:  Health Policy Law

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