Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth

The Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth provides incoming 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students with opportunities to explore health careers and, of course, have fun!


The primary purpose of the Health Careers Institute is to allow students to explore a wide range of career possibilities in the field of health care, while learning about important issues and topics in health care today.

Who Should Come?

A typical Health Careers Institute participant has expressed interest in working in health care and wants to know more about clinical and non-clinical health careers and what to do next to help narrow their focus or pursue their dreams.

What the Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth Offers

    Outstanding faculty. The faculty at the Health Careers Institute includes health care professionals from the Dartmouth community, as well as colleagues from other educational and health institutions around the country.
    Exploration. Students are provided the opportunity to ask the questions and learn from professionals in various fields of health care. The areas range from health policy, direct health care (medicine, nursing, therapist, etc), to areas of health information technology and questions about what health care will look like in the future.
    Learning activities. Classroom instructions, hands-on experiences at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and other medical settings, work with simulated patients, team projects, and time with current health professions and health profession students.

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