Anna M. Adachi-Mejia, PhD

Assistant Professor of Community and Family Medicine
Assistant Professor of The Dartmouth Institute
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Health Promotion Research Center at Dartmouth (HPRCD)
Program Member, Cancer Control Research Program, Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Faculty Fellow, Center for Program Design and Evaluation at Dartmouth

Anna Adachi-Mejia, PhD



(603) 653-6124


  • PhD, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice
  • MS, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice
  • AB, Dartmouth College

Primary Contact

Stephanie Kelly


Norris Cotton Cancer Center
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice
Health Promotion Research Center at Dartmouth (HPRCD)
Center for Program Design and Evaluation (CPDE)

Areas of Expertise

The promotion of physical activity, healthy eating, & healthy sleep habits
The role of youth extracurricular activities in cancer prevention
Afterschool & community interventions to promote rural health
Obesity & tobacco prevention
Environmental influences on youth cancer risk behaviors
Rural underserved populations
Survey research methods
Quality of life measurement
Actigraphy & accelerometry
Photovoice & photodocumentation

Professional Achievements:

Dr. Adachi-Mejia's research is devoted to addressing cancer risk behaviors to inform public health policy. These risk behaviors include prevention of youth tobacco use and prevention of childhood obesity using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Her studies examine the influences of media, the built environment, physical activity, nutrition, and sleep habits on cancer risk behaviors. Dr. Adachi-Mejia's notable contributions have included examining the protective role of team sports on the negative influence of youth exposure to movie smoking, tobacco and food branding marketed to youth, and the role of having a television in the bedroom as a risk factor for child obesity. Her other unique contributions include identifying barriers to physical activity, healthy eating, and sleep in rural areas. Dr. Adachi-Mejia's translational research and intervention work in rural communities utilize out-of-school time activities, including afterschool programs and daycare centers, as well as acclerometry, actigraphy, and photovoice to engage rural underserved populations. Dr. Adachi-Mejia participates extensively in the local community to support and promote public health in environments where residents live, work, and play.

Published Research

In the Media

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