Ellen Meara, PhD

Associate Professor of The Dartmouth Institute

Ellen Meara, PhD



(603) 653-0899


  • PhD, Harvard University, 1999
  • BA, Northwestern University, 1991

Primary Contact

Suzanne Burge
(603) 653-0824

Curriculum Vitae

Ellen Meara CV


National Bureau of Economic Research Faculty Research Fellow
Adjunct Associate Professor in Economics & Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, Dartmouth College

Areas of Expertise

 Nonmedical determinants of health care utilization, health, and economic outcomes. The impact of health and income support policies on individuals with mental illness and substance use disorders. Health and labor market outcomes related to federal disability programs.

Published Research

In the Media

Millions with Disabilities Get Heavy-Duty Painkillers USA Today, August 15, 2014 »

Health Survey: Half of Americans Don’t Understand Healthcare Law Al Jazeera America, March 24, 2014 »

Study: Healthcare Expansion Won’t Overload Hospitals with Young Mental Health Patients Healthline News, February 19, 2014 »