Honor Passow, PhD, MSME, PE

Research Project Director & Lecturer

Honor Passow PhD, MSME, PE




  • PhD, University of Michigan, Education
  • MA, University of Michigan
  • MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Short Bio

Honor J. Passow supports the research of Dr. Julie Bynum using Medicare data on its own or in conjunction with survey data, such as the Nurses’ Health Study.  Collaborations have included research on patient decision-making with Dr. Julie Bynum and on screening mammography with Dr. H. Gilbert Welch.

Honor teaches introductory “Biostatistics” (PH 212) in The Dartmouth Institute’s online MPH program and has previously co-taught several residential courses: “Epidemiology & Biostatistics” (PH 140), “Survey Research Methods: Primary and Secondary Data” (PH 122), and a technical writing workshop that was an optional component of “Inferential Methods” (PH 100).

Published Research