Typical Day

In the field and in the classroom

During the sessions there are opportunities to experience health care through visits to a number of health care settings including Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC). These sites provide a variety of in-depth investigation of the setting as well as some hands-on experiences. A favorite is the Patient Safety Training Center at DHMC, where students can interact with medical professionals and simulated patients in real-life operating room and emergency situations. Additionally, the Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth has a number of guest speakers/demonstrations in the classroom mixed throughout the weeklong session.


To augment the experiential and college-like immersion aspects of the HCID, there is also an in-depth academic project focusing on population health using evidence-based public health tools. Students explore a number of existing public health issues. Under the guidance of an HCID faculty mentor, students conduct research into the topic to understand the scope of the problem, treatments, key legislative/regulatory stakeholders, and finally present a scientific poster to their peers. This experience provides a basis for future academic preparation in college and in the health care field. Students are proud of their accomplishments and have a lasting experience and skill set to accompany them into their future.


Nearly every day there is an opportunity to play. Recreational activities are offered on and around the Dartmouth Green/campus. Several alternatives are always provided to accommodate different levels of fitness, interests and weather. Ultimate Frisbee on the Dartmouth Green is a perennial college activity and a very popular choice!


Meals are eaten together at one of the dining halls on campus. The main dining hall at Dartmouth (The Class of 1953 Commons) is where most meals are eaten as a wide variety of food choices easily accommodates the equally wide variety of culinary preferences (i.e. vegetarian, etc.) and dietary restrictions (i.e. allergies, gluten free, etc.).

Additional meals are provided throughout the week by the HCID when at a clinical site and such. These meals, like the dining hall, are covered by the cost of tuition, though some students often bring extra money to purchase snacks at the Farmer’s Market or in town during some of their free time.


Dartmouth College is located in the picturesque New England town of Hanover, NH. Shops and restaurants are located within a block of the Dartmouth Green. More information about Hanover, as well as photographs of the college and the town, can be found at the college web site: http://www.dartmouth.edu/.