In an effort to begin testing and refinement of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model, Dartmouth and Brookings selected five diverse provider groups to pilot and demonstrate interest in the ACO model.

Each had agreed to take responsibility for overall quality and costs of care for their patients, and each had a committed private payer partner and sufficient patient population to support comprehensive care coordination and performance measurement. The strategies they adopted to develop internal capabilities and external partnerships were documented in a series of case studies to inform providers, payers and policymakers about the process of ACO formation.

* Carilion Clinic was not included in the case study series because it had not formally established a relationship with a payer-partner during the selected time frame.

In exchange for participation in the pilot, Dartmouth and Brookings offered substantial technical assistance and advising support to these pilot sites as they formed ACO arrangements with their respective payers. See the Brookings-Dartmouth Learning Network Toolkit for more information.

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