The mission of The Dartmouth Institute’s Education programs is to train leaders in the measurement, organization and improvement of health and health care.

Graduate Degree Programs
The Dartmouth MPH, MS, and PhD programs are unique in their small class size, access to world-renowned faculty, and multidisciplinary approach.  They emphasize the need for understanding the health care system, using evidence to advocate for change, and adopting scientific methods to serve the interests of patients. 

Certificates & Professional Development
Equipping health care professionals with the vital competencies and tools needed to lead, influence and re-shape tomorrow's health care landscape.  Educating the whole enterprise—all levels of the health care workforce—is essential to achieve critical assessment of current care models, identify new methodologies, and successfully integrate improved practices on the front lines of care.

Seminars and Conferences
We host seminars and conferences to promote ongoing learning collaboratives.

Post-doctoral fellowships



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