Location as Destiny - Tribute to John Wennberg

John E. Wennberg (Dartmouth): Location, Location, Location: When to Buy and Sell David Goodman (Dartmouth): International Aspects of Regional Variations Elliott Fisher (Director, TDI) From Randolph to Community Governance: Can we Overcome the Tragedy of the Commons?
Jon Skinner (Dartmouth): Is More Really Better? The Association Between Healthcare and Health Outcomes in the U.S. Julie Bynum (Dartmouth): Performance Measures and Provider-Specific Attribution: Physician-Hospital Networks (PHNs) Nancy Morden (Dartmouth): Applying Wennberg Methods to Prescription Claims
John Billings (NYU): Shared Decision Making: Another Legacy of John E. Wennberg Jack Fowler, Jr. (UM Boston): The Patient Outcomes Research Teams (PORT) Richard Lehman (Yale): Variations in Health Care: a Brief History
Therese Stukel (Toronto): Statistical methods in geographic variations Jack Wennberg: Concluding Remarks


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