Dartmouth Institute Op-ed: health care costs are bankrupting us


In a recent op-ed for CNN.com, Dartmouth Institute Director Elliott Fisher and Professor Gil Welch explain why health care costs are bankrupting us—individually and as a nation.

Americans, as many of us know, pay much higher prices for drugs and medical services than those in other countries. The cost of open heart surgery is 70% more than the next highest country is one of the startling statistics they cite. However, Fisher and Welch argue that addressing sky-high, often obscene pricing is just one aspect of controlling health care costs. Reducing the volume of medical care— particularly at the end of life and for those who are healthy— is the second vital piece of the puzzle.

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About the Authors

Dartmouth Institute Director
Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH
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Dartmouth Institute Professor
Gil Welch, MD, MPH
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