Cardiovascular Outcomes

The Dartmouth Institute’s Cardiovascular Outcomes team focuses on patient care improvement in cardiac surgery and implementation of practical, evidence-based tools into the clinical pathway. This work ranges from analyses of cardiac surgery outcomes in large databases to the multi-center implementation of team-based quality improvement programs to face-to-face doctor-patient interactions.

Members of The Dartmouth Institute's Cardivascular Outcomes team include (left to right): Jeremiah Brown (team leader and principal investigator), Emily Marshall (research assistant), Elizabeth Nichols (PhD candidate), Kevin Cox (research coordinator)

Our current R01 grant, “Novel Biomarkers to Predict Readmission in Pediatric and Adult Heart Surgery,” investigates the ability of novel biomarkers to improve existing hospital readmission prediction models. In our “Information Extraction from EMRs to Predict Readmission following Acute Myocardial Infarction” project, we are working to automatically gather information from clinicians’ narrative notes in order to better predict the likelihood of hospital readmission after a heart attack. We also research characteristics of hospitals that receive penalties under the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP) to better understand risk factors for readmission.

Our Team

Jeremiah Brown, MS, PhD
Jeremiah is Associate Professor of Health Policy and Clinical Practice. He is the team leader and serves as the Principal Investigator for our projects.

Elizabeth Nichols, MS
Elizabeth (Libby) is a PhD candidate whom Jeremiah advises.

William Hisey, MSc
William is a research assistant who serves as the data analyst for the team.

Shama Alam, PhD
Shama is the research coordinator for Novel Biomarkers R01 and COPD end-of-life care.

Kevin Cox
Kevin is the research coordinator for AMI information extraction R01.

Suzanne Burge
Suzanne is Jeremiah’s administrative assistant who coordinates travel arrangements and interfaces with Dartmouth Institute administration.

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