Meet The Dartmouth Institute’s Data and Analytic Core

The Data and Analytic Core (DAC) is The Dartmouth Institute’s shared laboratory for research using large health care data sets, particularly Medicare claims. The DAC provides a highly efficient and secure environment for about 20 investigators and their research teams, conducting over 100 research projects each year. The DAC includes research analysts and programmers, a data operations team and an associate director.

The DACs responsibilities are to maintain an extremely secure environment for health care datasets provided to Principal Investigators by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, state governments, and other organizations under data use agreements and licenses. The DAC works under the direction of faculty investigators who have specific permission to use the data to conduct research.

The DAC team has over 100 years of  combined healthcare claims analytic experience and a mastery of a broad range of programming and statistical methods.  New analysts undergo a comprehensive training program lasting the better part of 6 months to assure a strong foundation in Medicare data analytics.

DAC Quotes:

I  started working as a programmer in the 1980's. I was writing modules as part of a mail-order processing system. I liked the structure of seeing the raw data, manipulating that, and producing output -- very satisfying.

Elliott Fisher’s “Is more Better” is one of the best projects I've ever worked on. It led to seminal publications that have been referenced thousands of times and have been read very widely.  It was the first time that a huge well-designed and executed study showed that it’s possible that more is not necessarily better.

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