We are conducting several research programs to advance the science of outcomes and value measurement.

 For example:

  • Prevention: A CDC-funded Prevention Research Center program to improve cardiovascular health of people in New Hampshire (Keene and Manchester) and Vermont (St. Johnsbury) using specially trained lay coaches to measurably improve heart health.
  • Outcomes: A research program to validate and demonstrate the utility of using patient reported outcome measures of functional status, disease status and health risk in busy clinical settings that’s enabled by health information technology. 
  • Patient Engagement: A research program to improve patient engagement and decision quality that uses patient reported measures to develop a care plan (that best matches the patients health needs and preferences) and then tracks the outcomes of care over time to determine the impact of the treatments on outcomes and costs of care
  • Value: A research program to establish powerful and parsimonious methods to measure the value of health care based on patient outcomes and patient experience in relationship to costs of care over time that can support measurable improvement and value based payment
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