ReThink Health: Upper Connecticut River Valley

ReThink Health: Upper Connecticut River Valley is a community-based health initiative in the early stages of a long-term effort to remake health and health care in 69 towns in Vermont and New Hampshire.

With the help of the national ReThink Health model, ReThink Health: UCRV aims to create an Accountable Health Community (AHC) within its service area. AHCs are grounded in the premise that the best chance of solving our health care crisis is through a regional, multi-stakeholder approach that involves the community in setting a common agenda and following a balanced investment strategy. 

In its effort to create a sustainable AHC, ReThink Health: UCRV is continuously working towards advancing activities around all three aspects of the ReThink Health model – stewardship, strategy, and sustainable finance:

Stewardship: In 2012, local leaders concluded that the UCRV region was a promising place to test the ReThink Health approach. An Initial Planning team was formed with the task of starting the initiative and has since then formed into a Steering Committee with broad geographic representation. 

Strategy: With the help of the ReThink Health Systems Dynamic model, ReThink Health: UCRV has gained insights into what appears to be possible, in this region, over the next 25 years. These include greater than 20% reductions in mortality, the prevalence of chronic illness, and health care costs, as well as marked improvements in workforce productivity. The model also points to the investments required to make these gains possible.

Finance: To date, ReThink Health: UCRV has completed preliminary research and identified a number of potential mechanisms to achieve sustainable finance for this initiative, including a Community Wellness Trust and social investment models.

To learn more about ReThink Health: UCRV and the work they are doing in the community, visit their website


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