Dartmouth Institute Awards Scholarships

Newly established in 2014, The Dartmouth Institute Scholarship Fund has awarded scholarships to three of the best and brightest future health care leaders to join the Class of 2016. The recipients were selected based on their academic performance and the clarity with which they described how our program prepares them to create an affordable, high-performing health system for all.

One of the recipients reflected:

“Coming to The Dartmouth Institute I has been one of the best decisions of my professional career. It is incredible to be part of a community that represents such a diverse cross section of people that truly want to find ways to continually improve the healthcare industry.  I feel encouraged and motivated to challenge myself to ask the hard questions, and it is inspiring to learn from both my peers and the faculty on a daily basis.”

The Dartmouth Institute Scholarship Fund would not be possible without the generous gifts made by alumni and friends. The Fund will ensure that The Dartmouth Institute can attract future health care leaders who will have the greatest impact on health care reform and improve individual and population health.

Please consider supporting the The Dartmouth Institute Scholarship Fund today with an online donation.

Thank you!

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