The joint MBA/MPH degree at Dartmouth College is designed to be completed in 2 1/3 years however students may choose to complete it in 2 years (for a total of 8 terms).


The MBA/MPH is a two year plus one term program that includes core and elective courses taught at Tuck and core public health courses taught at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. This unique joint program exposes students not only to leadership practices in finance, strategy, marketing, general management, and teamwork but also to the evidence behind current public health research and practices. Students gain skills using the methods and models of quality improvement to initiate change, translate research outcomes into action, improve care and access to care, and ultimately improve public health.


How it works

Students will first apply to, and be accepted by the Tuck School of Business. Then during their first year at Tuck (typically in the winter term), they may submit an application to The Dartmouth Institute (TDI) MPH program. Joint degree students will first complete the required first-year core curriculum at the Tuck School of Business.

During the summer following that first year, students will have the opportunity for a shortened MBA internship (5-8 weeks) before beginning the first two terms of required MPH core courses in the summer and fall. Students can typically fit in one or two Tuck MBA courses during the Tuck December mini-term as well.

During winter term of the second year, students will take 2 more core MPH courses, and round out their term with 2 MBA electives at Tuck. The spring term consists of MBA electives as well as the TDI Capstone project and internship requirements. In order to receive the MBA degree, students must take 8 regular Tuck electives (or equivalent combination of regular courses and mini-courses) in addition to all the first year MBA requirements (which include two elective courses).

To receive the MBA degree in June of their second year, students would need to overload as necessary to end the year with a total of 8 second-year Tuck course credits. Students may complete their final MPH courses – the internship and capstone project – over the following summer or the fall terms if they do not complete them during the spring of the second year of the joint graduate program.


Curriculum Outline


Year 1

Year 2

Additional ⅓

(if desired)


MBA year 1

Combined MBA year 2 & MPH core

Completion of MPH

Summer (July 29 start for TDI)


MBA internship (5-8 weeks)

MPH Core

MPH internship & capstone OR

MBA internship


MBA Core

MPH Core (and possibly 1-2 MBA electives)

MPH internship & capstone


MBA Core

MBA electives and MPH core



MBA Core + electives

MBA electives + MPH internship/capstone (if desired)




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