The Doctor of Philosophy program is designed for those pursuing a career involving major research or leadership roles in the areas of health policy and clinical practice.

The PhD Program offers in-depth, multi-disciplinary training in the conduct of research and teaching in the areas of special expertise at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. The doctoral program is designed so that each student-researcher works closely with a faculty advisor and his or her research group to design a course of study and participate in ongoing research.

The doctoral program involves a multi-disciplinary approach which integrates relevant theories, methodological strategies, and evidence from a variety of fields. 

PhD students are encouraged to investigate a specialized area in-depth while also gaining an informed appreciation of other core areas. They are trained in independent and team-based strategies to integrate these perspectives into research. Our PhD graduates are expected to further the development of these core areas, to lead in the design, initiation and management of effective change in health care, and to contribute to the education of future scholars in health policy and clinical practice. Graduates of the doctoral program go into academic, government and corporate positions involving health services research and health policy. The doctoral program typically takes three-five years to complete.

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