Professional Education

A collective, fundamental transformation in organizational culture is needed to drive the innovative strategies and processes that will reform the delivery of health care. Educating the whole enterprise—all levels of the health care workforce—is essential to achieve critical assessment of current care models, identify new methodologies, and successfully integrate improved practices on the front lines of care.

That's why professional education is a cornerstone of The Dartmouth Institute's mission. We equip health care professionals with the vital competencies and tools needed to lead, influence and re-shape tomorrow's health care landscape.

TDI courses are built around the core competencies of value-based, patient-centered care. Briefly, these competencies are:

An understanding of how and why geographic spending and treatment variation drive inefficiencies in costs and patient outcomes;

An organizational culture rooted in ethical principles;

A practice of shared decision-making to achieve higher levels of patient and provider satisfaction and better patient outcomes;

A strategy of continual improvement on the front lines of care;

Leadership dedicated to constructing new financial models focused on quality, not patient or procedure volume.


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