Dartmouth Institute Students Advocate for a Healthier Nation during National Public Health Week

Photo by Lars Blackmore

In recognition of National Public Health Week 2017,The Dartmouth Institute Student Advisory Council hosted a variety of events April 3-9 aimed at promoting social justice and equity, and stimulating conversations on how we can become a healthier nation.

Highlights of the week included over 90 people participating in a 5K fun run/walk; acclaimed author Sam Quinones speaking on the need to address America's opiate epidemic; and a kickoff talk by Dartmouth alumnus John Lawrence, MD, DC'76, MED'79, president of the board of directors for the U.S. section of Doctors Without Borders. Lawrence discussed the barriers to care in treating trauma-related injuries in low-income countries, where trauma events such as road traffic accidents, represent one of the leading causes of death.

During the week, Dartmouth Institute students also weighed in on what they think it takes to achieve a healthy nation, and the steps we can take to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be as healthy as they can. Read some of their answers below.

Student Voices: Nikhita Thaper

Nikhita Thaper, whose interest in public health centers on advocating for affordable and comprehensive health services, thinks we as a nation must pay more attention to mental health.

Student Voices: Whitney Hammond

Whitney Hammond, who oversees chronic disease prevention and screening for the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, says we should enact policy aimed at curtailing our sugar consumption.

Student Voices: Chris Gerace

Chris Gerace wants to see costs cut and patient care improved for groups of people with similar medical needs.

Student Voices: Ilona Fishkin

Ilona Fishkin, who is interested in addressing the health care disparities that arise from linguistic and sociocultural constructs, believes we must find the will to implement multidisciplinary strategies that ensure equal access to health care for all.  

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Barbara on Apr 14, 2017 at 10:05 am

Congratulations to Nikhita and Ilona, and their wonderful NPHW planning committee for a great week! Overall, the events of the week reached nearly 250 people from across the entire Dartmouth College community. We even had a visiting Dartmouth College applicant join the kick off event on Monday. It is a true joy to work with both the student advisory council and its NPHW committee - many thanks for great work!




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